An innovative and high performance wood stove

The SPEETBOX BY STARCK heating furniture is made of an airtight wood stove, fitted with a steel hearth offering rated power of 5.5 kW.

It has been developed to work in an optimal way following 5 power levels, adjustable in an automatic way (based on the temperature of the room) or a semi-automatic way. The system of assistance to the starting up or to the resumption SPEETBOOSTER allows to optimise the combustion thanks to a ventilator.

The commands of air inlets remain accessible for a manual operation in case of cut or of absence of electricity

The SPEETBOX BY STARCK stove guarantees a level of high energy efficiency without the user having to worry about it. SPEETBOX BY STARCK thus provides 79 % energy efficiency, compared to 70 % for the conventional stoves.

The design of the heart allows burning 30cm long logs and almost all of residues produced by this combustion thus improving energy efficiency and promoting clean combustion. The SPEETBOX BY STARCK stove produces 30 mg / Nm3 of dusts at 13 % 02,i.e. almost 3 times less dust than a conventional stove. Polluting emissions associated with wood combustion (e.g.: CO) are also limited and divided by 3 compared to those of a conventional stove.

Maintenance of the hearth and ashtray is made easy by the accessories that come with the wood stove. Specifically designed for the SPEETBOX BY STARCK collection, a shovel, tongs and brush, with minimalist and elegant design, find a discrete storage place in the thickness of the door.

The integration of a glass ashtray allows the user to check the level of ash at any time.

The application, available on Android and iOS, can be used to program and control the room temperature, hot air distribution, power at a distance, and settle the LED options, pilot the available plugs with Box Stowage. Technical screens allow the analysis of the temperatures and the regulation of your stove.

Strengths :

  • RT2012 and low consumption construction (BBC) compatible.
  • SPEETBooster electronic start assist.
  • Works with or without electricity.
  • Combustion autopilot for enhanced efficiency.
  • Addition of an accumulator box to increase the duration of heat delivery.
  • 1st full integration of a triple-wall pipe (e.g. EFFICIENCE®POUJOULAT®).
  • Clean glass system.
  • Double glazing to reduce the risk of severe burns.
  • 4 side finishing.
  • Glass ashtray, accessible during operation.
  • Control via the tablet/smartphone application.
  • Scalable in time.

Features of the App :

  • Control of hot air distribution (on/off),
  • Control of room temperature (optional),
  • Setting of power/speed of combustion,
  • Analysis of flue temperatures (safety),
  • Lighting control,
  • Control of electric sockets (time setting),
  • Update the software of the hearth features.

Technical Data

Stove compliant with NF EN 13240 standard

  • Rated power : 5.5 kW
  • Thermal efficiency : 79% (benefit from the tax credit)
  • CO rate at 13% O2 : 0.16%
  • Dust : 13 mg/Nm3
  • T° of flue : 309°C
  • Fuel : wood - logs up to 30 cm
  • Flue mass flow : 4.8 g/s
  • Combustion chamber : With post-combustion system
  • Ember shield : Yes
  • Display of ash level : Yes
  • Stove used alone : Air blown under the technical unit

  • Weight: 160 kg
  • Dimensions (width x depth x height): 50 x 50 x 100 cm
  • Dimension of the door (width x height): 48.5 x 48.5 cm
  • Fire view (length x height): 34 x 34 cm
  • Connection to the flue pipe on the top: Diameter 150 mm
  • Connection to the combustive air circuit: Diameter 80 mm

  • Structure : Steel
  • Covering : High temperature painting, enamelled steel or plating finishes according to the model
  • Glazing :
    • Clean glass system
    • Double glasses
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