The SPEETBOX BY STARCK mobile application

The SPEETBOX application, available on iOS and Androïd, allows to program and for remotely monitoring (via WIFI), the temperature of the room, the distribution of hot air, the grips and the lighting, and analyzes the temperatures of the smoke emanating from your stove.


This application allows to control the whole functions of the stove made by SPEETA, such as the power of fire chamber, the wished ambient temperature, the regulation and the programming of the schedules of the grips 230V piloted, as well as lightings. Remote control of the SPEETbooster, to facilitate the ignition, controls of the ventilation of hot air. You will find with the application the posting of the graphs linked to the use of the stove and you’ll be able to update directly the firmware of the stove.

Screen shots



Innovations of the version 1.6.1

List of the equipments available on the network with selection in 1 click (menu Connection) :

- Possible and recommended use of the automatic configuration during the connection in a box or a router (DHCP)
- List of networks seen by the stove during the connection to a box or a router, with power level of the received signal
- Mode of demonstration (Menu Regulations)
- The last firmware known for SPEETBOX included in the application to have a fall-back position, or propose an update
- Search for updates of the on-line and outstanding firmware, in memory in the application
- New graph with zoom, movement with the finger, and interval of time respected between every measure
- Possibility of modifying the quality of the graphs according to the performances of your appliance
- Activation / deactivation of curves on the graph by the menu of regulation and by clicking in the legend
- Landscape mode

During the first use of this version, it’s necessary to go in the menu "Connection" and to select the wanted equipment. The application will memorize the name of this equipment for the following uses. If several equipments SPEETBOX are available on the network, it’s necessary to click on the corresponding line to swing to the one to the other.


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