To choose its wood-burning stove is not always easy thing. Which place it is going to occupy, which layout to choose …

To help you to project yourself, we imagined this 3D application, which, provided with your smartphone or with your tablet and with a simple marker to be placed on the ground, is going to allow you to feign in reality increased your future wood-burning stove SPEETBOX BY STARCK. You can reach the characteriscits of your wood-burning stove, choose the style of modules that you wish to add, then the ideal configuration, at home, in your room, and turn around it as if by magic.

You can add the models you dream to the favorites, and share the views on the social networks to ask your family’s and friends’opinion.

Description :

  • Collection : discover the SPEETBOX BY STARCK and choose the perfect configuration for you
  • Marker : print the marker (download it :
  • Virtual reality : put the marker on the ground, on the location of your future wood-burning stove, tick it off in the application, follow the instructions and discover it in reality increased at home.
  • Save : record the results on your tablet/smartphone
  • Share : on the social networks, and collect many LIKE of your circle

Download :